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OUT-SOON M.I.T.AIn our ninth release M.I.T.A comes back to Metodiq with an incredible EP which includes 2 Techno tracks of high quality. On the first track "Overview", a very marked kick and clap along with the rhythm of the more than known shakers of M.I.T.A, as well as an stylish vocal that walks us through the track, wrap it all and turn it into a guaranteed hit.

On the second track "The Step" he brings a Groove machine suitable to play anytime during the night, that will leave no one indifferent and will bring fresh air to our sets breaking away from the monotony.

Both tracks with an old school essence but a very actual sound, just confirms Techno steps on the dancefloors stronger than ever.

And what a better close we could have, as having the honor to welcome to Metodiq to Paul Mac. What can we say that stills unknown about this master of Techno. His strong productions never disappoint and they have sounded in the most important clubs and festivals around the world since a decade. In this remix we will be able to enjoy of a strong Techno bomb of high quatily.  A sequence of acid sound will be the one to lead us along the trip and the responsable to make us dance taking ourselves the highest ride. This track along with the two originals make this EP to become a must on the sets of the best Techno Djs of the world.



MAAE Metodiq 008


OUT SOON! Metodiq 008
MAAE - The Beginning | Inc. Angel Alanis / MicRoCheep & Mollo / Angel Alanis aka Owslah Rework

In this eighth release we are pleased to introduce you MAAE´s debut. Metodiq´s owner breaks in with "The Beginning" an incredible track with a fat bass, nice processed percussions and an evolutionary and hypnotic synthesizer which will drive crazy all the most challenging techno public. 

Inc. 3 Superb remixes. The first remix comes from the hand of Microcheep&Mollo, both of them regulars in our references, giving their personal touch to this track with a huge bass which will take us to a pleasant journey with no return...
And what to say about the second remix, coming from the respected Angel Alanis, one of the biggest from the old techno school of Chicago, that once again shows his personal view of the present techno of 2014 with this track remixed with great style.
Owslah aka Angel Alanis sets the last remix on a different point of view with an interesting Techno concept just suitable for those lovers of the most underground sounds.

From Metodiq we are sure this release will be present in the future sets of the most respected artists of the Techno scene, because we know what you all need when it comes to move the dancefloor!

more info soon...


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